Here is How to Save Gas When You are Driving

When you are spending your hard earned money on such a luxurious vehicle like the new Mercedes SUV, the very last you would really want, or would never really want to think about is the extra gas money that you will have to arrange. While we try our very best to provide you with the most fuel efficient options, there are many things you can implement by your own side to stretch out on your car’s gas capability even more. Apart from saving your precious hard earned bucks, you will also be keeping the environment clean and safe. Here is how to save gas when you are driving your Mercedes SUV.

  1. Roll up the windows

You will want to make sure that your Mercedes SUV is as aerodynamic as its best so always open your windows to make the most of the fuel efficiency. Also turning on the air conditioning may also impact on your fuel efficiency by a tad bit amount, but it will be quite far less than having your windows open.

  1. Always keep your tires inflated

Have you ever wondered about how often you tend to check your tire pressure? If you are not doing it on a frequent basis, it is probably the best time to make this practice a healthy habit. It is just you are doing a favor to yourself and your car to keep those MPGs up.

  1. Coast whenever possible

It is always considered the best practice to coast, because of two reasons. Apart from using far less fuel, gradually slowing down before a stop sign lets you to not apply the brakes again and again or as hard as possible. Coasting is always considered a win-win situation.

  1. Always tighten the gas cap

Always double check the gas cap the next time you are filling up. Leaving it open partially can let the fuel to evaporate out and the irritating check engine light also starts to blink. Ensure that you have twisted it on tight and snug it.

  1. Drive less

You should not prefer to drive when you do not need to. The best practice to save the fuel is just by not driving your vehicle. Walk if your destination is at a walking distance or carpool if you and some of your near and dear ones are heading for the same destination.