How to Decorate Your Mantel For the Holidays  

The winter season means two exciting things: Cozy fires and decorating for the holidays. That being said, what better place to start adorning with festive ornaments than your mantel, which likely will be a focal point throughout the coming weeks?

When it comes to adding a festal touch to your mantel, there are plenty of concepts and styles that suit a range of fireplace designs. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

  1. A season of light

Maybe it’s the sense of warmth they provide, maybe it is the bright colors, but little else sparks the spirit of the season the way lights do. A dazzling strand of colorful miniature lights can be used to frame the fireplace and wind across the mantelshelf. You might also consider candelabras, copper wire lights, a flickering lantern, light-up ornaments, or other novelty accents that are illuminated.

  1. Rustic romance

For many people, the holiday season is about spending time with family, which is why decorating with a vintage, homegrown style is a befitting touch. Even those who are not huge fans of country décor can appreciate fresh greenery, such as branches and berries retrieved from your backyard or a nearby park. Wooden ornaments, burlap bunting, handmade trimming, pinecones, or a simple boxwood wreath are other ways to achieve a quaint, farmhouse-feel that evokes memories of simple and sweet times with family.

  1. Display a message

Putting a rustic chalkboard on the mantel gives you the opportunity to write a festive message that puts family members and visitors in the warm holiday spirit. You can switch it up with a new saying or favorite song lyrics every few days, or do one display with crisp, elegant script for the whole season.

  1. A Sweet Treat

The mantel is also a great place to incorporate candy as both a decoration and a delicious treat for enjoying by the fire. You can fill decorative apothecary jars or other glass dishes and bowls with a variety of colorful candy, such as holiday M&Ms, red-and-white-striped peppermint delicacies, candies wrapped in green and red tinfoil, and other holiday treats. A gingerbread house is also a nice addition to your mantel display.

  1. Make a Village

The mantel is an ideal place to set up a small Christmas village. Whether you purchase elegant, porcelain pieces or put together miniature cardboard houses purchased from a craft store and augmented with decorative touches, your collection can be proudly displayed in this location.

Many fireplace designs lend themselves to being focal points in living rooms, dining areas or other spaces, which makes them a prime location for showcasing the holiday spirit. From simple and refined to grand and awe-striking, there are numerous ways to decorate your mantel that can be enjoyed throughout the winter months.