Mahindra Thar – The original SUV in a new avatar

If you are looking for a completely off-roader SUV, then Mahindra Thar is the one you can consider as an option. It definitely has an old and bold image that lures most of those people who like to ride with a pride. It has been in the market for quite a bit of time and it still receives some good responses.


Moving to its exterior, you will get a front cladding which cannot be compared with most of the recent launches. The ground clearance is quite high and that’s what enables it to go on those rugged roads. It is more robust, bold and made to resist strong impact. It has those two round shaped head lamps you might have noticed in Mahindra’s old Jeep, called commander. It has no hydraulic options to open the bonnet. The grille in the front with vertically placed bars definitely gives it a aggressive look and you can clearly see the radiator through the grille which provides an easy passage to let it cool automatically. From the side profile, it looks simply, and with some old sweet design, such as the glowing bar on the side of the front wheel guard makes it more upmarket. You will get 16-inch wheel with a not so fancy disc though. You will also get claddings on the side and rear. It is kind of raw SUV that you can modify of your own as much as possible according to your own idea and personality.

You will get footsteps in both of the sides and in the rear as well. The door handles are quite normal looking with a bit of chrome inserts. In the rear, you will not find any higher esthetic except a spare wheel that give it a strong and bold look.  Over all, it has a bit of flavor of the new style on that old and impressive skeleton.

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Looking into its interior, you will not get that premium feel like you can get in other sedan or SUV, but it has its own style and charm and that’s what makes it different from other good looking handsome models. You will get a raw steering and a 3 POD analog instrument console. To the side, a bit below to steering wheel, you will get the light and wiper control stick. The dual tone dashboard is quite okay but not that spacious to keep your utilities on. However, you will get enough space in the mid of the front seats to keep your utilities and water bottles. Looking at its central console, you will get Multi-Directional A/C Vents, however, you can avail all the necessary and entertainment features aftermarket. Most of the features are manual and you can’t get any automatic option in it. The front seats are quite wide and thus comfortable. Moving to the back row, you will get two foldable fronts facing 2/2 seats which will remind you of those good old days.

Mahindra Thar Engine

Moving to its performance where it stands out the most, the Mahindra Thar comes with a 2498 cc NEF TCI- CRDe diesel engine with a power of 105 Bhp at 3800 rpm and 247 Nm of torque at 1800-2000 rpm with 5 speed manual transmission.

The performance is what it has made for. If you are a staunch off-roading enthusiast or a fan of the old and gold model of Mahindra, then Thar can best serve your needs and expectations.