Using Contact Lenses For The First Time? Follow These Basic Tips!

If you want to get rid of eyeglasses, or simply want better vision, contact lenses are the ideal alternative. Contact lenses, fondly called contacts, can be either hard or soft, depending on the manufacturer, and are designed and customized for every person, to match prescription and vision needs. In case you are looking for contact lenses near me and are ready to use the first pair, we recommend that you follow these basic tips.

  • Use contacts carefully. Contact lenses can harbor bacteria and can cause a lot of eye-related issues and infections, if not used carefully. Make sure that you are washing your hands every time before using lenses and have a lint-free tower to wipe them clean. Contacts must be cleaned and disinfected every single day, and change the case at least once a month. The solution in the case shouldn’t be reused.

  • Replace your lenses as recommended. Even if you don’t wear your contact lenses all the time or on an everyday basis, you still need to replace it as suggested by the eyecare expert. Some lenses are meant to be disposed monthly, so if you have used the lenses just once or twice after opening the box, you still need to discard and get a new pair.
  • Always consider comfort first. Contact lenses can cause dry eyes, and in some cases, using these can cause eye infections. Don’t be tempted to wash your contacts with water, and if your eyes feel irritated and red already, don’t use lenses in the first place. If using the contacts causes irritation time and again, check with your doctor again.
  • Select the right brand. You would want to make sure that contacts are right for your eyes. Go for an eyecare clinic that you can rely on and ask them for options. Also, the brand is important, and it is a good idea to check if there is a replacement or moneyback warranty on the product.

  • Be careful with makeup. Eye makeup should be replaced at least once in four months, if not early, and yes, do not use kohl or any eye product on the waterline of your eyes. Waterproof mascara might be a no-no for some people, while glitter products must be used with care.

Go for a good, expensive pair of contacts, because we are talking about eyes here. You can always get good offers on the best brands at many eyecare clinics.